November 22, 2016 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

one padlock with electronic circuits on background, concept of increased securityThe self-storage industry has drastically changed over the past few decades. According to statistics cited by, the self-storage market was worth an estimated $31.6 billion in 2015. That is a 386% increase from the 2007 figures reported by the Census Bureau on the self-storage industry.

Based on the preceding statistics, it’s easy to see that there has been a tremendous and rapid increase in the number of public storage facilities in the US in the past 10 years.


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November 16, 2016 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

Industrial storage increasing security with technology

When asking yourself “how do people think of self-storage units?” or “what happens at self storage facilities?” news of people living in units, break-ins, and vandalism might come to mind.

These stories highlight the fact that people really aren’t sure what to expect when they think about renting a storage unit.

With this in mind, what concerns your renters and potential customers the most?

Self storage customers ...

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