December 29, 2016 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

The security keypads you install at a new or renovated storage facility will have a lasting impact on that business.  The durability and reliability of the keypads you install are critical.   Let’s face it, you don’t want to have to return to the site in a year to fix faulty keypads or to replace keypads that have been tampered with.  Your customers know they need security, but they may not understand how important selecting the right keypads are to their day to day operations. 


Apex keypads from PTI are the best choice for installers because they are more durable, robust, customizable, and substantial than other keypads available in self storage ...

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December 22, 2016 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

Selecting keypads for your facility can seem like a small decision, but security and alarm system keypad features will tremendously impact your business. When thinking about which security keypads to use, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What will happen to my business if my keypads stop working?
  2. How important is it to prevent theft from tailgating and to know who is on site at all times?
  3. What features and functionality do I need from my keypads?


What will happen to my business if my keypads stops working? 

If you’re like most self storage owners ...

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December 21, 2016 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

Self storage is a growing industry filled with unique opportunities and challenges.  According to, the projected 2016 industry revenue will grow to $32.7 billion, which represents approximately 10% growth since 2014.

Pretty Security facility with keypads.jpg

In addition to continual growth, the storage business is attractive to many because of the relatively low labor costs required to run a facility once built.  Most self storage facilities have only a single manager, and according to the PR Newswire, facilities like 10 Federal in North ...

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December 14, 2016 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

Ease of access to your self storage facility can have a huge impact on your customer’s experience. Design considerations such as spacing between units, whether tenants have drive up access to storage units or not, and the gate entry process can all contribute to or detract from the customer’s ease of access.Self Storage Facility Security Gate

While unit spacing and drive-up access require some careful consideration and design planning, gate entry should never be arduous for your customers—especially if you want your facility to be handicap-friendly.

Drive-up gate controls should be easy to access from the driver’s seat of a vehicle. However, the different ride heights of many vehicles can make convenient access via keypad ...

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December 6, 2016 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

700 LC Touchpad DigitechIf you’re like most people in the self-storage business, you probably don’t think about your keypads or security system on a daily basis. You’re busy running your business—complete with customers to take care of, endless maintenance tasks to handle, and bills to pay. Keypads and your security system likely aren’t your primary concern.

This is especially true if you have rugged and reliable security hardware from PTI or Digitech. After all, these keypads are dependable and have worked well for years. So why fix something that isn’t broken?

Well, it’s simple. Upgrading your security system can be a key means of differentiating your self-storage facility from the competition, which means lower vacancies and ...

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