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If you're a contractor in the process of having access control, video, and security devices installed at a self storage site, it's important to know whether you're ready for low installation.  Jason Bohman of SOS Systems in Hiram, GA outlined the following for access control and video system installation. 

Are you Ready for Low Voltage Installation?

By: Jason Bohman 

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Jason is the owner of SOS Systems in Hiram, GA and has been in the self-storage industry for more than 15 years.  Jason currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Self Storage Association and is a preferred  PTI dealer. 


Answer these questions to see if you're low voltage ready:


  • Is the conduit riser between floors installed? (If multi-story facility)
  • Are the exterior camera conduit penetrations in place?
    • We need 1” conduit stubbed to the outside & cut off flush with exterior wall.
  • Is there permanent power in the building?
  • Are the telephone lines installed and activated? If not, when________________?
  • Is the internet up and running? If not, when_________________?
  • Is there 1 ½” conduit behind the monitors stubbed to the ceiling to fit the HDMI cables through?
  • Does the office have the management computers installed yet?
    • We need these installed to program the PTI controllers and add the CCTV software to.
  • Is there a shelf on cabinet installed for the DVRs and switches (If we are not installing an equipment rack)


Answer these questions if gates are involved:


  • Is there low voltage and high voltage (separate) conduits going to the gate controller location?
  • Is there underground conduit going to the keypad location?
  • Is the concrete pad for the gate controller in place (unless included in the SOS contract)?
  • Is the desk in place? If so, is there conduit to the desk for Data and telephone wiring? 



If you're interested in adding an additional layer of security to a self storage facility, it may be time to consider DoorBoss from PTI.  DoorBoss works with your PTI access control system to control and monitor SecurGuard™ electronic locks from Janus International™.  This exclusive partnership and solution is being used to provide enhanced security features at top-of-the-line and unmanned facilities across the country.   To find out more about DoorBoss from PTI, download the information packet here: 


Electronic Lock for Self Storage

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