June 7, 2017 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

is your self storage facility ready for low voltage installation-.png

If you're a contractor in the process of having access control, video, and security devices installed at a self storage site, it's important to know whether you're ready for low installation.  Jason Bohman of SOS Systems in Hiram, GA outlined the following for access control and video system ...

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May 14, 2017 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

Which Camera System Is Best For Your Self Storage Facility: MPX or IP?

 Which video camera surveillence system is best for your self storage facility .png

Video surveillance is an extremely important part of your self storage security system.  But with so many systems and new cameras on the market today, you might not know which is right for you.

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April 23, 2017 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

Seven Deadly Video Camera Sins and How to Upgrade your self storage facility.png

The Seven Deadly Video Camera Surveillance System Sins 


Video may have killed the radio star, but it can breathe life back into your self storage facility. If you have outdated video surveillance equipment, poor camera placement and coverage, or worse yet, no cameras all at, you could be putting your customers and your business in jeopardy. But how do you know it's time to ...

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April 7, 2017 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

Gate operator image.png

Gate Operator Maintenance for Your Self-Storage Facility

By: Robert Toy

Robert works for PTI Security Systems in the Engineering Department, and has worked in the self-storage security industry for over 25 years. 

When it comes to security for your self-storage facility, your gate is an extremely important component.  You’re expecting it to work 24 / 365 to allow your customers in, and to keep dangerous people out.  If your gate is broken, then your security suffers.  To help keep your ...

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March 30, 2017 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

Wired or Wireless Door Alarms?  Which Are Right for Your Self Storage Facility?

In today’s world, we’ve all grown accustomed to a certain level of customization.  Finish a book on your Kindle, and there’s a suggestion based on your reading interests.  Cookies ensure that you see custom ads based on your search history.  You’ve probably even received a mass email or two that addressed you by your first name.  An ATM may even tell you happy birthday.  The point is, we’ve all experience increased personalization and customization as technology has improved.  So, why should renting a self storage unit be any different for your customers?

Securing your facility is important, but your customers may expect more.  Of course, they want to feel safe when they’re on ...

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March 20, 2017 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

EasyCode Case Study: SpaceMax Storage 

EasyCode from PTI Security Systems.jpg

Open self storage gates, doors, and more with EasyCode: a mobile app from PTI Security Systems

Mobile app technology has changed the way we interact, work, and live.  From listening to music to crushing candy to checking fantasy football scores to checking email, mobile apps have enhanced and improved billions of lives across the globe.  In fact, I'm writing his blog post from the pages iPhone app. But ...

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March 10, 2017 by [Christine DeBord, PTI, PTI Security]

Secure Self Storage: How Can You Be Sure? 
COLLINSK (003).jpgBy: Kelsie Collins 

 Kelsie Collins is the Marketing Content Writer & Editor for Advanced Kiosks, a self-service technology company providing solutions for the self-storage industry.


Secure self storage

You’re on the inter-webs looking for “secure self storage” and you happened to come across this article. Good thing, because I’m about to teach you how to decipher whether a self storage facility is secure or ...

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