EasyCode is a mobile app for self storage facilities that works with your access control system. 


Provide the perfect customer experience at your self storage facility with mobile gate entry and unit monitoring with EasyCode from PTI. EasyCode takes away the hassle of remembering passwords and exiting large vehicles and gives them a simple touch interface to open gates and doors at your storage facility. Plus, they can view their access history, get notifications when their unit alarms is triggered or there is access activity at their unit, and they can choose up to 4 favorite access points for seamless entry and exit. EasyCode works seamlessly with StorLogix 5.0 or higher at your self storage facility.


Why EasyCode:

  • It works with your access control system and logs all data, so it actually improves your site security
  • Open gates, doors, elevators, and overhang doors with EasyCode
  • Keep your customers from having to remember their access codes (which keeps you from receiving calls while you could be working to increase sales) 
  • Keeps your facility on the cutting edge of technology
  • Mobile monitoring and entry are a convenience your customers have come to expect
  • Keeps your customers from having to get out of large vehicles to enter their code at the gate. 

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What EasyCode Helps You Do: 

  • Charge higher rental rates or technology fees
  • Higher Occupancy. Even if you have high occupancy now, that competitor that just opened down the street is coming for your customer base.  Additional features and technology can make all the different to prospective renters.  
  • Differentiate your facility for your competitors 


Read the SpaceMax Storage EasyCode Case Study 


Find out how SpaceMax Storage in Stone Mountain, Georgia uses EasyCode to improve their customer experience, charge higher rates, and increase occupancy.  Read the case study by clicking the image below or right here










Included Features:
  • Works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 7.0 or higher.
  • Works on Android devices running version 4.0 or higher.
  • Apple Watch available 
  • Remotely open doors or trigger gates.
  • Access and alarm activity notifications.
  • Site proximity notifications.
  • Easily see your access and unit event history.
  • Customize which devices show on your main screen.
  • Password lock available in-app to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Works with electronic locks and overlocks.
  • Call site manager on your smart phone right from the app.
System Compatibility:

Available Downloads

EasyCode and StorLogix 5

Information about our mobile app specifically designed for self-storage tenants and renters.

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