Unprecedented Access Control and Compatibility.

Unprecedented Access Control and Compatibility.

The pairing of StorLogix software and the Falcon XT system controller provides the foundation for your facility’s access control, site security, and facility management. With features that range from basic to advanced and flexible programming capabilities, you can configure a solution that is perfect for your site. Start as simple or as advanced as the business requires and expand functionality as your operation grows.

Looking for information on getting started with a StorLogix and Falcon XT system? Check out the StoreLogix Quick Start Guide.

Starting with StorLogix and Falcon XT 5.0 you have a choice of two operating modes, either PTI or Digitech. PTI mode lets the system run as it always has with all the PTI branded devices like Apex and VP Series Keypads. The new Digitech mode allows the system to work with new or existing Digitech branded devices like the 700 Series Keypads and Uni-Mux. It even has support for DigiGraphics built right in. This powerful new feature gives you the ability to leverage the StorLogix and Falcon XT platform for new installs and retrofits of existing Digitech branded SysCon systems.

Watch this video to find out more about how the FalconXT integrates with 700 series keypads.



StorLogix also works with our self-storage mobile apps! Check out StorLogix Mobile and EasyCode.

Our StorLogix and Falcon XT system forms the ideal access control solution that is highly flexible and customizable, designed to grow with your business, and based on the most advanced technology available. This system can protect your investment, boost profits, and create a sense of security for your customers. No other controller solution provides the level of flexibility, integration, and scalability that is available with the StorLogix and Falcon XT combination.

Current Versions: 4.1.76 and 5.0.78. Version 5.1 is the latest available version.

Support for StorLogix 3 and earlier is ending July 1, 2016.

Available Downloads

EasyCode and StorLogix 5

Information about our mobile app specifically designed for self-storage tenants and renters.

Download 739.73 KB

StorLogix and Falcon XT

Overview of the StorLogix and Falcon XT system controller from PTI.

Download 889.93 KB

StorLogix 4 Update and Mobile Application

StorLogix 4 is now available and includes support for StorLogix Mobile.

Download 673.34 KB

Falcon XT Manual

System Installation Manual for the Falcon XT controller. Rev Mar 2016.

Download 2.82 MB

How to convert from Falcon 2000 to StorLogix

Easy to follow steps for converting an existing Falcon 2000 system over to StorLogix.

Download 216.73 KB

StorLogix Free Exit

Covers the steps to setup Free Late Exit in StorLogix.

Download 497.28 KB