Alarms, Minus the Pesky Wires

Whether you have a new or existing facility RX900 Wireless can add individual door alarms without the trenching, piping, and massive labor costs. Mount the transmitter to the door, assign it to a unit in software, and it is ready to go.

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RX9000 Wireless
Avoid trenching with a RFX Wireless RS-485

No, You Can't Trench This...

Public roads, runways, and long distances can all be problematic if you need to put devices on the other side of them. Fortunately we offer a solution. RFX Wireless RS-485. With pair of antennas and good line-of-site your system can communicate across distances up to several miles without a problem. Like an invisible wire between sites.

Access with a Push Button

Let’s be honest, tenants forget their access codes all the time. Why not offer wireless pendant remotes to some or all of your tenants? Now they can drive or walk up, push a button, and the entry opens, no muss, no fuss.

Wireless pendant remotes allow one touch access.